TMT management experience in Fortune-500

Strategy expert, professional with cloud & bigdata
Consultant of PLC and VC

Strategy Operation

With big thinking of market strategy, I put it into effect on the nearest way.

Zero To One

With end to end experience of the whole business from born to global, include sales/marketing as well as product development.

General Management

In charge of global operation of Fortune-500.

Transboundary Experience

Help client over different industry optimate business with better growth.

【Professional Experience】


HUAWEI IT product line
Report chain: PM heads of 5 sub product line -> Me -> Project Operation Minister -> IT Product line CEO
  • 2014 mid, take up the post of Project Management Officer of IT product line, manage all PM. Train 200, help 30 of them improve qualification. Optimize R&D structure & procedure to support marketing with both strategy win.
  • At 2012, in charge cloud-DC project group of China Region. Bring quick grow from Q2 with 10M RMB bills signed, and have bidding wined. Get DC project with big-data at every month.
  • 2011 end, get the MOU for the 1st IDC-cloud project with 8M USD. The Client approves the project without bidding. Open oversea enterprise marketing.
  • 2011 mid, Desktop-cloud marketing grow up, projects can be batch delivered smoothly. Turn around my pivot to IDC-cloud marketing, and help it grow quirkier.
    At 2011, take up the post of 1st Project Management Officer of oversea marketing. Audit HLD (high lever design) technical proposal of VIP project.
  • 2010 end, in charge the 1st cloud-computing project at oversea marketing, as Solution Architect and Project Manager. And we win the bidding! Open oversea marketing for cloud-computing. Lead the project end to end deploy include business consult, technical design, bidding, POC test, migration, maintenance.
  • Marketing management: Drive R&D to support sales both strategy win. Decide Y/N of project policy. Deep-in business analyze of client need with strategy consult.
  • Pre-sale management: Technical consult. Assign job to R&D, to support bidding and research of demand, to design high-lever solution and do POC test, review all related technical solutions.
  • Delivery management: In charge the project team to support successful delivery.
  • After-sale management: drive the project change hands to maintaince party.
  • Make all in project, help them ability grow.
  • Optimize workflow.
2014~Now: Optimize Huawei internal service management

When supporting oversea marketing projects, I find that local sales often get help direct from R&D teams, and it'll cause some problems:
A. Marketing information is confused form local sales and HQ sales.
Sometimes help request will be reject by R&D between different teams.
B. There are always too many projects to be support by R&D,
and sometimes there'll be complain from sales.
Optimize the cooperation procedure during product-line and HQ sales, rewrite the roadmap between local sales and R&D teams:
local sales -> HQ sales -> PMO -> R&D
Work with HQ sales and push local sales teams follow, then each organization on the roadmap work better:
C. Help request form local sales can be fulfill faster. HQ sales can always get the most information from local teams, and make the primary support policy. During case by case, HQ sales understand more about product technique, can support local sales in the beginning of project.
D. PMO can focus on important projects, as 80% less time on phone talk.
R&D teams can focus on few projects there’re filtered by PMO,
and 50% less projects they support, and more, less complain.
E. Huawei HQ can focus more on valuable things.

2010~2013: Manage Huawei cloud-computing projects at oversea marketing

  • In the end of y2010, in charge the 1st cloud-computing project at oversea marketing, as Project Manager and Solution Architect. And we win the bidding! Open the oversea marketing for cloud-computing.
  • In the end of y2011, get the MOU for the 1st IDC-cloud project. The Client approve the project without bidding.Open the oversea marketing for IDC-cloud, bring more and more business for cloud-computing.
  • Feel interesting and want to know more? Let's chat face to face.


IBM Global Technology Service Dept.
Report Chain: senior engineers x12 + support assistants x30 → Me → Technical Service Manager Of Great China Region
Take care of the maintenance service of xServer products, those mainly running Microsoft and VMware server products in high-end enterprise network environment, which including cloud-computing.

At 2009,optimize internal service delivery procedure. Make higher usage of engineer,optimize store-room action rule,and complain rate drop 20%.

At 2007,Optimize IBM External ASP management procedure. Capture some business cheats by ASP, change procedures and block such holes, make long-pending case amount 50% down, and make KPI performance look much better.

1. 2nd-line commander of IBM internal technical engineer, 3rd-line supervisor of the 5 biggest external Advanced Service Providers (ASP), help them handle difficult cases / customers by advanced technique and negotiation / interpersonal skill, coordinate with all.

2. Analyze & solve complex / critical problem and escalate to resources capable.

3. Coordinate daily activity, monitor service delivery, and incident management. Optimize procedure, better meet customer request and ITIL SLA, and contain cost.

4. Keep training staff by new business knowledge, improve ability, share experience.
ASP: JOS, Microware, Toppan, Automate System, Service One

2008~2009: Optimize IBM Internal service delivery procedure

  • Change management procedure and add alarm channel for short-part state, make store-room response faster and reduce hand-carry odds.
  • Optimize schedule system and make the most of engineer resource, shorten respond time for customer SOS.
  • The changes reduce complain, better meet SLA, save cost…

2007~2008: Optimize IBM External ASP management

  • During case monitor process, I capture some business cheats by ASP, protect IBM property, save monthly budget.
  • To block such holes, I change procedures and make new counters, to let ASP run under better restriction.
  • Further, optimize case management process, make long-pending case amount 50% down, and make KPI performance look much better...


TATA Group, CORUS Building System Ltd,
IT Operation Management Dept.

Report Chain: IT engineers x11 → Me → GM of China Region
2005 end, China IT Officer, proposed from China GM to Asia GM. Official in charge IT of 11 branch offices in China.

2005 mid,build up CORUS VPN network for China region,deliver successful and 100% faster than other 18 countries.

2004 end,R&D MIS system with SAAS cloud for CORUS China,improve management efficiency, reduce operation cost.

2004 mid,join CORUS, as network administrator and in Guangzhou office.

1. Manage the IT dept. to ensure IT resource and service meet business need.

2. Set up and maintain the office and manufacturing IT infrastructure system.

3. IT training and security guide.

4. R&D MIS/ERP and cloud-computing system to fulfill management procedure, assist other dept. improve efficiency.

5. IT asset management, purchase and budget management.

2005~2006: R&D MIS system with cloud-computing integration for CORUS China

As PM, in charge the whole R&D process, analyse and fulfill the need of business.

R&D SAAS-cloud ERP system, change the way of project report process and customer relationship management. Make information under centralized control in the system, and make report/decision more efficient at Sales/Marketing dept.

Deploy IAAS-cloud system, improve development debug efficiency by using VM, reduce the copy’s of expensive hardware & software, and improve cooperative efficiency at design research dept.

In additional, integrates cloud & network application all in one user interface by web system, improve user experience and efficiency

Development platform: Windows Server 2003 + MS SQL 2000 + Virtual PC (baby Hyper-V) + 3rd-party SAAS cloud R&D tools, etc.

2004~2005: Build up CORUS VPN network, set up new plan for disaster recovery

19 countries go first. As PM, I done it 100% faster than others countries.

Connect 11 branch offices with each another in China, then connect them to Germany and England head office, make the network & system under centralized management by headquarters.

Backup each office data to China head office through VPN. Keep data cycle with daily, weekly, monthly schedule. Save media, labor, and time. Make sure each local IT engineer health check critical system daily by audit report with event attachment.

Make HO F/A resource available in GZ office, response faster when accidents happen.

【Skills & Specialty】

  • 【Cloud-computing & Virtualization】Private Cloud: Be familiar with Huawei Fusioncloud solution, as well as others' popular IAAS cloud solutions as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V, CITRIX, etc. Public Cloud: Be familiar with Aliyun & Qcloud, when I also know well about cloud solution of Baidu & Amazon. Hybrid Cloud: Delivery of Public+ Private with IaaS, PaaS & SaaS. More: Be familiar with microservice and docker, as well as Hyper-Converged Infrastructure. 99% 99%
  • 【Server Maintain】Be familiar with x86 Server & Blade, SAN/NAS Storage, as well as Windows Server 2012, running with web service on IIS, Apache, Serv-U. Know well about most usual protect HW/SW such as Symantec/McAfee products. 95% 95%
  • 【Network Admin】Be familiar with various network & protocol such as TCP/IP, WINS, DNS/DDNS, http/https, ftp, SMTP, VPN, etc, Command of any equipment with GUI such as firewall, Router, Exchange, Hub, etc. 85% 85%
  • 【DB Development】Have development experience with systems of C/S & B/S (include SAAS cloud). Be familiar with DB such as MySQL, MS SQL & Access, as well as Oracle, and frontend using PHP, ASP & ASPX, with C# & VB.NET coding. 80% 80%
  • 【Helpdesk】Know nearly all usual software on Windows platform, include Office tools, email, IM, multimedia, antivirus, backup, compress, encryption, system config, etc. 90% 90%
  • 【Language】College English Test Band 4 English: Be familiar with India & Japanese Tones Mandarin: With Beijing Tone Cantonese: With Hong Kong Tone. 85% 85%
Government, Telecom, Finance, Bank, Investment, Energy, Logistics, Media, Consumable, IT, Decoration, Industry, Internet……

Huawei Certification

Project Management Professional

6sigma greenbelt

Microsoft Certification

System Engineer

Database Administrator


Bachelor of Guangdong University of Technology

Molding & Control Engineering
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